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Two of Rick's rockingest and most popular songs are on this EP - "Down To Austin," a harmonized-guitar rich ode to that city's musical heritage, with a searing guitar solo by Rick, and Rick's blazing guitar work also graces the tongue-in-cheek "Free Spirit," whose infectious beat will get your head bopping. "Isn't It Funny (The Way Things Change)" - Rick's homage to the great ladies we love who became hermits as time went on, is an Elton John-esque ballad with a humming warm guitar riff and soaring vocal harmonies that will sweep you away. "Find The Joy In Life" is a fast-paced hard boppin' boogie woogie tune that'll remind you of all the joys there are to life. "The Texas Waltz" is a sweet tribute to the romances that bloom in Texas' 2-step dance clubs, a love song that melds both old Texas Country Western with smooth jazz chords, climaxing with Rick's soulful country twang guitar solo. There are excellent Austin session drummers, bassists, a pedal steel player and female vocalists on this one; Rick sings lead vocals and plays all piano and guitar parts. This is one very satisfying musical journey.

CD - Rick Furst's Down To Austin 5-Song EP Album

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